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Cornerstone is a leader in the field of violence prevention and education.

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Cornerstone has a number of professional staff available to provide trainings and workshops on a variety of topics related to domestic violence, sexual violence and human trafficking. Cornerstone also frequently holds professional workshops and trainings throughout the year.

For information about training and to request a speaker, please email Cheryl Kolb-Untinen, Community Advocacy and Training Manager, at cherylk@cornerstonemn.org


Trainings and Presentations Offered by Cornerstone Staff

Overviews (15 minutes – 60 minutes):

  • Introduction to Cornerstone. Learn about Cornerstone’s history, who we serve, what programs we provide, and how you can get involved in our work to decrease the prevalence of interpersonal violence.
  • Fundamentals of Domestic and Sexual Violence. Domestic violence and sexual Violence are complicated and complex social issues without easy answers. This training can be customized to meet your group’s specific needs (i.e. Pregnancy and Domestic Violence, Domestic/Sexual Violence and the Medical Community or Faith Community, What You Can Do To Help, Interconnection between Domestic Violence and Poverty, etc.)
  • Human Trafficking. This training examines the extent of human trafficking, its relationship to domestic violence and sexual assault, the risk factors and red flags, and how to support efforts to end trafficking.

Trainings Specific to Children and Youth (length varies):

  • Effects of Domestic Violence on Children
  • Cornerstone’s School-based Violence Prevention Program: Lessons from an Outside Agency Working in a School Setting
  • Teen Dating Violence 101: A Teens Secret Health Issue
  • Teen Dating Violence 201: Advanced Topics for Working with Youth Clients
  • Bullies to Batterers: The Evolution of Unhealthy Power in Relationships
  • Bullying: Understanding the Bully Landscape
  • Cyber Bullying
  • When Dating Violence and Cyber Bullying Collide
  • Female Bullying and Mean Girls
  • Safety Planning with Children Who Experience Domestic Violence
  • Working through Unhealthy Anger with Youth
  • Teens and Technology: Understanding the NET Generation
  • Teaching Bullying and Harassment. Up-to-date anti-bullying and harassment curriculum.
  • Teaching about Anger and Healthy Anger Expression. Anger management tips and techniques.

KNOW ABUSE Curriculum:

  • The KNOW ABUSE Project 101. Primary Prevention Curriculum for the prevention of Dating Violence.
  • The KNOW ABUSE Project 201. Advanced Classroom Topics on Dating Violence.

Law Enforcement Trainings:

  • Law Enforcement Response to Domestic Violence and Assessing Risk and Danger
  • 911 Operators and Domestic Violence
  • Investigation of Strangulation Cases
  • Investigation of Stalking Cases

Social Justice Trainings:

  • Domestic Violence/Social Justice Lens: Domestic Violence basics that looks at barriers to access and understanding of oppression and its role in Domestic Violence access.
  • LGBTQ Domestic Violence/Sexual Violence: Domestic and Sexual Violence in the LGBTQ Community
  • Trans Inclusivity in Programs: How Can Programs Be More Transgender Inclusive
  • Abuse in Later Life: This presentation examines the barriers, extent of the problem and how to help someone in later life who is experiencing domestic violence or sexual assault.

Please contact Cheryl Kolb-Untinen, Community Advocacy and Training Manager, at cherylk@cornerstonemn.org or 952-884-0376 for more information.