If you’re living in an unsafe situation or are being hurt by someone you care about, help is available. You know your situation best and when you’re ready, we can help you find safe housing and get protective orders to keep someone from harming you.

Cornerstone’s compassionate and comprehensive crisis support and shelter are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to anyone in imminent danger and also host the Minnesota hotline for victims and survivors of violence and abuse. Domestic violence, sexual violence and human trafficking can be perpetrated by and experienced by people of all ages, identities, genders and orientations.

We are a welcome, accessible and inclusive space for all victims and survivors. We can also connect you to other trusted organizations that can help. Contact us at 952.884.0376. Spoken and ASL interpreters are available for all of our services.

Safety Planning

Our first priority is your safety. At every step of your journey, think about what you need to do to stay safe. Our advocates can work with you to create a plan that includes ways to be safe while in your relationship, as you are planning to leave or after you leave. There are many things to consider when safety planning, including how and when to tell family and friends about what is happening, how to cope with your emotions, what protective orders are available to you and more. Each person’s safety plan is going to be different.

Safe Shelter

Cornerstone is a safe place for you and your kids to go when escaping a dangerous situation due to domestic violence, sexual violence or human trafficking. Our emergency shelter welcomes women, female-identified and gender nonconforming adults. Their children are also welcome during their shelter stay. Male-identified adults receive safe and comfortable alternative housing while accessing Cornerstone’s comprehensive services. All of our services, including safe housing, are available whether you identify as LGBTQI+ or gender nonconforming.   

From the first call for help and throughout your entire shelter stay, advocates will assist you with your individual needs and help you navigate the complex legal and social service systems. You will receive all basic necessities, including meals, toiletries, clothing, school supplies and transportation. 

While you’re at our shelter, you will have a safe space to address the challenges that have resulted from the violence and abuse you’ve experienced. We’ll support you as you figure out your next steps, such as finding a job and housing and learning money management and coping strategies. An advocate will help you develop an action plan, identify resources and assist with considering your options for what comes after your stay in our safe shelter. You can also access all of Cornerstone’s programs, including help navigating the civil and criminal justice process, financial planning workshops and support, therapy, parenting support and services for kids.

Criminal/Civil Advocacy

Navigating the legal system and the available options for victims / survivors can be confusing and overwhelming. If you’re living in fear of violence and abuse, you have options. Although we are not attorneys, we can provide referrals to other agencies that can help with legal representation. We are able to help determine if a harassment restraining order or order for protection is right for you. Cornerstone advocates can accompany you to criminal court proceedings, civil court hearings and family court. We can also help make sure that your voice is heard by the prosecutor during your case and that you understand your rights.  

Crisis Lines to Connect You to Resources Across Minnesota

Help is available wherever you are located in Minnesota. Cornerstone’s Day One Call Center is staffed 24/7 with advocates who are familiar with other domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking and general crime victim support agencies and their resources across the state. You can call, text, email or chat online with a hotline advocate any time and interpreters are available.

Minnesota Day One Crisis Line

Minnesota’s hotline for domestic violence, sexual violence and human trafficking resources and support. 

Minnesota Crime Victim Support Line

Minnesota’s hotline for crime victim resources and support.

You and your family deserve to be safe, healthy and treated with respect. Cornerstone’s crisis resources are available for victims / survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence and human trafficking. Contact us at any time at 952.884.0330 for help finding safe housing, to learn about protective orders and tips on creating a safety plan. If we’re not the best fit for you, we can help you find a safe place in Minnesota to stay to flee violence and abuse at home.

What does it mean to be trauma-informed?

Our advocates understand the impact of trauma on adults and youth. Our staff, services and buildings prioritize physical, psychological and emotional safety and are space for victims/survivors to have a sense of control and feel empowered to make their own choices.

Contact Us

Schedule an appointment with a Cornerstone advocate by calling 952.884.0376. To connect with us after hours, please call our local 24/7 crisis line at 952.884.0330. Interpreters are available.

Support Survivors

Your tax-deductible donations make a real difference to those affected by domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking and general crime.

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Mission & Services

Cornerstone’s continuum of service helps to create communities where individuals and families are safe and children thrive. We advocate, educate and lead the way to social change. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the prevalence of domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking and general crime.

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Minnesota Day One®

A statewide program of Cornerstone, Day One® works to ensure that no call for help goes unanswered so that all in need can find safety and support. Day One connects people to experiencing domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking or general crime to help at agencies throughout the state.

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Call: 1.866.223.1111
Text: 612.399.9995

Please call 911 in an emergency.

Minnesota Crime Victims

Cornerstone’s General Crime Victim Advocacy program assists victims of assault, child abuse, impaired drivers, elder abuse, identity theft, robbery, homicide and other crimes. We also can connect you to crime victim agencies through Minnesota via our statewide Minnesota Crime Victim Support Line.

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Call: 1.866.385.2699
Text: 612.399.9977

Please call 911 in an emergency.

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