Cornerstone understands that even if you are safe right now, you might be experiencing some lasting impacts due to past domestic violence, sexual violence or human trafficking. The violence is not your fault. You are not alone. We are here to help and support you as you work to process the trauma you experienced, learn coping skills and move forward in addressing your goals.

Violence and abuse is not only unhealthy for adults, but for kids too. If you’re a parent, you might be concerned about the effects of violence on your children. Our team of youth advocates works specifically with kids to help them understand that the violence in their home was not their fault and to handle their emotions in a healthy way. We are also onsite in Hennepin County schools to work with students who’ve experienced or perpetrated violence in school, at home or in their dating relationships. If you’re the parent of an abusive child and could use some help coping, our parenting specialists are here for you.

Contact us at 952.884.0376 to schedule an appointment with a Cornerstone advocate. Spoken and ASL interpreters are available for all of our services.

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Individual Advocacy

Our advocates are available by appointment to meet with you individually to discuss your situation and next steps. Our work together can include discussing your current concerns such as safety, housing and finances and identifying resources at Cornerstone or other agencies we partner with to get you what you need. Our youth advocates can meet with your children for age-appropriate support to help them cope with the violence they have witnessed and to learn about safe, healthy relationships. We also have specialized services for sexually-exploited youth.

Support Groups

A variety of in-person and virtual support groups are available for adults who’ve experienced domestic violence or sexual violence and youth ages 6-17. Our groups are designed to facilitate a sense of community with other survivors and allow you to share your feelings with peers who understand and/or may have a similar shared experience. Groups for adults include a general support group, a specialized group for older survivors and support for people who are concerned for a loved one in an unhealthy relationship. Cornerstone’s support groups for youth are focused on topics that youth may be experiencing at home, in school or within the community. Group topics range from bullying, family violence, anger management, self-esteem and healthy relationships. Please note that support group availability and formats vary throughout the year.

Financial Planning and Economic Education

Cornerstone offers support to you as you work to create a financial plan for you and your family. We can meet with you individually and support you as you attend a series of financial classes or workshops to help you manage your finances, create a budget, understand credit and learn about banking and investing. Workshops take place at Cornerstone offices, partner agencies and online via Zoom.

Help with Housing, Finances or Finding a Job 

Housing and financial independence is important to being able to leave your abusive relationship or achieve your own goals. We can assist you in seeking affordable housing for you and your family, as well as with finding a job. Cornerstone’s transitional housing program may be an option, which includes ongoing support and advocacy to help you achieve your goals.  

Our extensive economic empowerment program includes workshops on personal finances, money management and credit counseling. Advocates can work one-on-one with you to help with personal finances. Matching savings accounts may also be available to you once you’ve completed the workshop series so you can accelerate your savings towards a specific purchase.  If eligible, we can match your savings up to 3:1 as you save for such things as education, home ownership, a small business or a car.


Cornerstone’s licensed therapists have expertise in helping adults and children and youth 6-17 explore and work through a variety of issues, and do so through creating a safe and non-judgmental environment where you can begin to overcome life’s challenges and live your authentic life. People come to us after experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking or general crime, and our therapy team uses collaborative, strengths-based and trauma-informed approaches as they listen, assist and support you with gaining insight into your life to achieve a sense of well-being. Our therapists believe in joining you wherever you are at in your journey and identifying goals that we can work together to achieve. We can help you with a range of issues, including anxiety, depression, trauma recovery, grief and loss, relationship concerns, processing through difficult life transitions and disrupted family functioning. Therapy is offered on an affordable sliding fee scale at our Bloomington office or online via teletherapy.

Leave a message on our Clinical team’s voicemail by calling 952.646.6554. The voicemail is checked weekly.

In-School Programming

Cornerstone’s School-based Services Program staff are in more than 20 schools in suburban Hennepin County, speaking with thousands of students each year about dating violence, bullying, cyber-bullying, unhealthy anger, sexting, harassment and sexual violence. In addition to presenting to classrooms, we also meet individually with students at school who’ve experienced or perpetrated violence and abuse. Learn more


If you are the parent of a child of any age who has been exposed to violence or abuse, also known as adverse childhood experiences, you can learn strategies to help your child process their emotions. Cornerstone’s advocates also provide special activities for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.  

Cornerstone supports anyone who is affected by relationship violence, including domestic violence, sexual violence and human trafficking. Our safe and confidential support over the phone, via Zoom, at one of our locations or at your school can help you process the trauma you’ve experienced, share your feelings, gain skills to cope and plan for your next steps. All ongoing support services are free of charge, with the exception of therapy which is billed on a sliding scale fee. We also offer support to family and friends of victims / survivors and others who are concerned for someone they care about.

What does it mean to be trauma-informed?

Our advocates understand the impact of trauma on adults and youth. Our staff, services and buildings prioritize physical, psychological and emotional safety and are space for victims/survivors to have a sense of control and feel empowered to make their own choices.

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Schedule an appointment with a Cornerstone advocate by calling 952.884.0376. To connect with us after hours, please call our local 24/7 crisis line at 952.884.0330. Interpreters are available.

Support Survivors

Your tax-deductible donations make a real difference to those affected by domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking and general crime.

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Mission & Services

Cornerstone’s continuum of service helps to create communities where individuals and families are safe and children thrive. We advocate, educate and lead the way to social change. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the prevalence of domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking and general crime.

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Minnesota Day One®

A statewide program of Cornerstone, Day One® works to ensure that no call for help goes unanswered so that all in need can find safety and support. Day One connects people to experiencing domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking or general crime to help at agencies throughout the state.

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Call: 1.866.223.1111
Text: 612.399.9995

Please call 911 in an emergency.

Minnesota Crime Victims

Cornerstone’s General Crime Victim Advocacy program assists victims of assault, child abuse, impaired drivers, elder abuse, identity theft, robbery, homicide and other crimes. We also can connect you to crime victim agencies through Minnesota via our statewide Minnesota Crime Victim Support Line.

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Call: 1.866.385.2699
Text: 612.399.9977

Please call 911 in an emergency.

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