Anyone can experience domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking or crime. Violence and abuse knows no boundaries; it happens in all communities regardless of socioeconomic status, ethnicity, culture, religion, etc. Cornerstone serves adults and kids of all ages, genders and identities.

Each year, our Day One call center has 30,000 conversations with people seeking resources, support and safety. Over 20,000 students participate in violence prevention presentations and 4,000 people connect with a Cornerstone advocate for support through one of our many other programs. While we have specialized partnerships with select cities in Hennepin County, most of our programming is open to anyone in the Twin Cities. Our Day One call center is ready to provide resources to all Minnesotans. 

Cornerstone serves adults and children impacted by domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking and crime. If this describes your experience, we may be able to help. These examples in no way represent everyone that Cornerstone serves, but may be able to assist you as you decide if Cornerstone is right for you.

  • Hurt by someone you love
  • Don’t feel safe at home due to violence or abuse
  • Threatened or intimidated by someone you love
  • Isolated from your family and friends
  • No control over your own finances
  • Been sexual assaulted or raped
  • Stalked by a stranger or acquaintance
  • Witnessed or experienced violence or abuse as a child
  • Having or had sex in exchange for money, shelter, food, clothing, drugs or other items
  • Made to work against your will or without a way to leave
  • Experienced a hate crime
  • Car has been stolen
  • Been robbed at gunpoint
  • Identity has been stolen

What Do People Say About Cornerstone

Everyday, we learn from the people we serve. You trust us with your stories. You share your successes. You teach us how to provide more effective services for victims / survivors. Here’s what a few participants had to say about Cornerstone.

“They are all awesome and genuinely care about your situation, whatever it may be. A no judgement zone.”

Thank you for listening to me when others did not. My life is much brighter now.

“A wonderful caring place to get help.”

Without Cornerstone, I’d probably be struggling in school because I’d have so much on my mind. 

“Saved my life! Great facility and highly empowering.”

Help and Support is Available

Daniela and her young children came to Cornerstone’s emergency shelter to escape an abusive marriage. She was terrified that her husband would find her and force them to come home and was determined to keep herself and her kids safe.

Daniela worked with Cornerstone’s legal advocates to file a protective order and attended legal clinics to learn how to file for a divorce. She learned about household financial management while attending Cornerstone’s financial literacy classes. Daniela utilized all opportunities Cornerstone had available to her and her children as they began to start a new life, from therapy to parenting support to enrolling her children in our programs for youth. With the support of our advocates, Daniela and her children were able to find affordable housing, childcare and a new job. She and her family are doing well and are safe.

Cornerstone has served our community for nearly 40 years. We are experts in helping victims / survivors address safety concerns, navigate complex systems, and feel empowered to take the next step to create a safe and healthy life. If you have experienced domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking or crime, we are here for you.

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Mission & Services

Cornerstone’s continuum of service helps to create communities where individuals and families are safe and children thrive. We advocate, educate and lead the way to social change. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the prevalence of domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking and general crime.

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Minnesota Day One®

A statewide program of Cornerstone, Day One® works to ensure that no call for help goes unanswered so that all in need can find safety and support. Day One connects people to experiencing domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking or general crime to help at agencies throughout the state.

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Call: 1.866.223.1111
Text: 612.399.9995

Please call 911 in an emergency.

Minnesota Crime Victims

Cornerstone’s General Crime Victim Advocacy program assists victims of assault, child abuse, impaired drivers, elder abuse, identity theft, robbery, homicide and other crimes. We also can connect you to crime victim agencies through Minnesota via our statewide Minnesota Crime Victim Support Line.

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Call: 1.866.385.2699
Text: 612.399.9977

Please call 911 in an emergency.

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