Minnesota Day One Crisis Hotline

Programs and Services for Youth

The violence you’ve faced can impact your social and emotional health. It can have long-term physical health consequences too.

Programs and Services for Youth

Cornerstone’s therapists, counselors, and educators can work with you to lessen these effects. We work with you to learn about healthy relationship skills so you can prevent patterns of violent behavior and end the cycle of abuse. With Cornerstone’s help, you can understand how to have loving, healthy, and non-violent relationships now and in the future.

Individual Counseling
Cornerstone’s youth counselors know it’s not easy for you to open up about your experiences. That’s why we make sure you feel safe, respected and encouraged. While working with us, you can start to think critically about your experiences and express your feelings in a way that supports positive, healthier relationships.

Specialized Support Groups
Support groups are a great way to share your feelings with people your own age who understand and really care about the problems you’re facing. You can learn a lot by listening to other people’s stories, too. A youth counselor who understands kids and teens and their unique needs facilitates our support groups. Groups include:

  • AWAKE (Girls Group)
  • YAK (Boys Group)
  • H.Y.P.E. Teen Group (Helping Young People Excel)

Clinical Therapy
Violence leaves lasting effects on relationships and ongoing patterns of behavior. Our clinical therapists work with adults, children, and families to help you understand and overcome the significant impact of violence on your lives. We accept insurance, Medical Assistance, PMAPs, and private pay. We offer sliding-scale fee based upon income.

School Based Services
Cornerstone educators are in 23 schools in suburban Hennepin County, speaking with thousands of students each year. Presentation topics include healthy vs. unhealthy dating relationships, dating violence, bullying, unhealthy anger/aggression, anger management, harassment, and sexual violence. Our staff are regularly on-site in schools just like yours to work with referred students who have experienced or caused abuse, bullying, harassment, cyber-bulling and/or interpersonal violence. Through this specialized support, students gain the skills they need to cope with challenging life circumstances. Read more about Cornerstone’s work in the schools.

Enrichment Activities

  • Music. The connection with music can be the spark that ignites the healing process. Some youth are hesitant to engage in traditional counseling. Music is used as a tool to help youth feel more comfortable talking about past experiences and expressing their feelings. Creating and recording music in Cornerstone’s fully equipped studio serves as a healthy coping strategy while helping youth feel empowered.
  • Recreational Activities. Volunteers and community partners help create fun activities at Cornerstone and off-site for kids to spend time with their youth counselors and make lasting friendships with other youth affected by violence.
  • Camp Peacemaker. A one-week summer day camp at Cornerstone for children who have experienced domestic violence. Camp Peacemaker is designed to develop interpersonal skills and confidence to challenge violence, manage social issues and peer pressure, and handle stress.
  • Photography Class. This class uses photography as a medium to promote healthy self-expression and creativity.
  • ASPIRE (After School Program Inspiring Relationships and Empowerment). Safe and positive out-of-school time for children impacted by interpersonal violence. Children are engaged in individual and group activities that promote social-emotional learning and developing healthy coping skills.

Early Childhood Education
Birth to age five is a crucial time in a child’s development. In partnership with the Bloomington Richfield Family Center, Cornerstone provides Kid’s Corner, a school readiness program that combines parenting education and early childhood development classes for families residing in Cornerstone’s emergency shelter and supportive housing units. The onsite Kid’s Corner Preschool helps three and four year old children in our shelter develop the skills they need to become confident, independent, and successful learners. We’ve recently added additional specialized services to promote self-regulation, increase secure attachment, and assist parents in recognizing developmental milestones.