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Programs and Services for Adults

Cornerstone offers a variety of services to meet your unique needs.

Programs and Services for Adults

We know that everyone’s relationship and each person’s journey is different. For more information about any of our services for adults, please contact us at 952-884-0376.

Safety Planning
If you or someone you know is in a potentially dangerous relationship, it’s important to develop a safety plan. Since each person’s situation is unique, your safety plan may be different from others. We can help you develop a plan that works for you. Visit Cornerstone’s Day One program website for important things to consider when creating your safety plan.

Individual Advocacy
Navigating the maze of government and social service agencies can be a difficult burden for survivors. Cornerstone advocates know how to handle the bureaucracy and paperwork to get you the services you need. Whether you need counseling services, therapy, legal support, transitional housing, or other services, our staff provides support and encouragement so you and your family can begin to rebuild your lives.

Rape and Sexual Abuse Services
Cornerstone provides 24-hour crisis phone support, individual in person counseling and therapy, and legal advocacy for survivors of sexual assault and abuse. To speak with a crisis advocate by phone, please call 952-884-0376.

Senior Women’s Advocacy
Older women can face various forms of abuse. Some seniors have stayed in an unhealthy relationship for many years. Others may be in a new relationship that is abusive. Or the abuse may come from a caregiver. Cornerstone provides services designed to meet the unique needs of senior women. Advocates can help you develop a safety plan and explain options.

Legal Systems Advocacy
Navigating the legal system can be overwhelming. Cornerstone can guide you through the process.

Civil Justice Intervention Our Civil Justice Advocates can write and file Orders for Protection and Harassment Restraining Orders. Cornerstone advocates can also accompany you to family/civil court hearings in addition to helping you with safety planning, resources, and referrals.

Criminal Justice Intervention Criminal Justice Intervention Advocates support victims of assault throughout the judicial process. We facilitate partnerships in the criminal justice system to increase the likelihood that your offender will be held accountable and to enhance your safety.

Support and Educational Groups
Cornerstone offers a variety of accessible groups—some with regularly scheduled, ongoing meetings and others offered on a limited schedule. Our groups are designed to facilitate a sense of community with other survivors. Current support and educational groups include:

  • Seasoned Survivors
  • Open Support Group
  • Concerned Persons Group
  • Anger Awareness
  • Domestic Violence Basics
  • Job Readiness
  • 4 Pillars Of Financial Literacy
  • Personal Empowerment Training

Contact Cornerstone at 952-884-0376 for specific information, meeting times, and locations. To attend any of these groups, we require an initial intake interview.

Parenting Support
Parents often need additional support when their families have been affected by violence. At Cornerstone, the following regularly scheduled parenting skills and educational classes are available:

  • Women with children exposed to domestic violence
  • Parents of abusive teens
  • Early childhood education

Our Parenting Specialist acts as a sounding board for parents and provides information and encouragement. These classes focus on teaching moms how to set boundaries, rebuild their authority, and reconnect with their children.

Clinical Therapy
Violence leaves lasting effects on relationships and ongoing patterns of behavior. Our clinical therapists work with adults, children, and families to help you understand and overcome the significant impact of violence on your lives. We accept insurance, Medical Assistance, PMAPs, and private pay. We offer sliding-scale fee based upon income.

Housing Resources
Securing safe and affordable housing is an important, yet challenging part of rebuilding your life after abuse. Cornerstone’s Housing Specialist provides resources, referrals, and education to survivors who are facing housing issues or trying to secure permanent housing.

CORE (Centered On Results Everyday) provides two years of affordable housing and intensive supportive services to Twin Cities families who have been impacted by interpersonal violence. Participants work with a CORE Case Manager to access the services and resources they need while learning budgeting, nutrition, housekeeping, parenting, and time management skills in order to ultimately achieve their goal of self-sufficiency.

Blue Print for Safety Project
Cornerstone’s Blueprint for Safety Project is a partnership between Cornerstone, law enforcement agencies, five city prosecutors, and the County Attorney’s Office. The goals for the Blueprint for Safety project are to increase the safety of those who have experience domestic violence by utilizing a Lethality Screen, increasing offender accountability, and developing best practices for law enforcement response to domestic calls.

To learn more about any of our services, please contact Cornerstone at 952-884-0376.