Minnesota Day One Crisis Hotline
  • Programs and Services for Youth

    Violence at home or in your relationship is unhealthy not just for adults, but kids too. It can be confusing and make you feel a range of emotions. Remember, the violence is not your fault. You are not alone.

    We have programs and services designed especially for you to help you come to terms with what you have experienced.

  • Programs and Services for Adults
    We know that everyone’s journey is different. Cornerstone respects your choices and will support you wherever you are. We’re here to serve your unique needs. When you’re ready, we provide:
    • Safety Planning
    • Emergency Shelter
    • Individual Advocacy
    • Legal Advocacy
    • Housing Resources
    • Clinical Therapy
    • Parenting Support
    • Support Groups
  • Minnesota Day One Crisis Hotline
    One Call, One Result: Your Safety. If you’re being hurt or abused, the Minnesota Day One Crisis Hotline 1-866-223-1111 assists you to get help, get safe, and get support.

    Hosted by Cornerstone’s Day One program, the statewide crisis hotline connects you with an advocate trained in supporting victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence, and human trafficking who can help you find a shelter and the services you need in your area.


Your financial contributions and in-kind donations make a real difference to those affected by domestic violence, sexual violence and human trafficking.

Together, we can create a society where violence in relationships no longer exists. 



Volunteer at Cornerstone to have a direct impact on
the lives of people affected by domestic violence,
sexual violence, and human trafficking.